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NPlot is a free charting library for .NET. It boasts an elegant, flexible API and includes controls for Windows.Forms, ASP.NET and a class for creating Bitmaps. A GTK# control is also available.

The current version of NPlot is

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30 October 2014 Matt's latest project backrecord.com will be launching soon (an accountability system for financial commentators) - uses NPlot for charting, of course!

8 August 2007 Olav Lerflaten has posted an excellent introduction to ASP.Net Charting with NPlot.

9 February 2007 Jamie McQuay is currently working on a new release based on code from Indigo BioSystems.

14 November 2006 We are pleased to announce our first post-Matt release :) It's mainly a bugfix release with the codebase relicensed as BSD and with all the development infrastructure now hosted in sourceforge.net. The project wiki has been updated to reflect the new situation though there may be bits were information is still a bit inconsistent. download nplot-

15 October 2006 Here is an introduction to NPlot that I wrote for inclusion in the new O'Reilly book Windows Developer Power Tools.

9 October 2006 Carlos Ble has updated the GTK# NPlot control to version The tarball can be downloaded here

30 September 2006 It seems there is quite a lot of interest from users of NPlot to continue its development. If you would like to become part of this effort, please send me an email at mhowlett (at) netcontrols.org and I will put you in touch with other interested developers.

30 May 2006 I haven't put much energy into NPlot of late - it has been focused on work and other projects. My original motivation for developing NPlot was to learn C# and .NET. My motivation continued as the opportunity to implement some nice design ideas emerged. Now, the focus is on maintenance and working on the code is not exciting enough to keep me putting in the long hours (for no reward). Please don't let this put you off using NPlot - it's a great way to easily knock up some quick charts and it is used successfully in a number of commercial products. However be aware that I'm not in a position to properly maintain the library, or offer support. I'm still very interested to hear about projects that use NPlot however!

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