Angel Marin maintains the Mono version of NPlot for Linux.

Jamie McQuay maintains the Windows version of NPlot (and eventually a Mono version for Mac OSX). Jamie runs Scimatic Software which specializes in the development of software for scientific instrumentation.

Matt Howlett conceived and largely wrote most of the NPlot Library. Homepage:

Paolo Pierini has contributed significant code to the project including but certainly not limited to large portions of LogAxis, Marker and HistogramPlot classes. Paolo is an accelerator physicist at the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Milano, Italy.

Pawel Konieczny has contributed significant code to the project including plot surface interactions and speed improvements for large data sets. He is a software architect at Philips Medical Systems in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He as made contributions to NPlot in his free time.

Thanks to Miguel de Icaza and Carlos Ble for Gtk# / Mono support.

Smaller contributions from many others have also been made, as noted in the news history section.