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24 September 2004 - scpl v0.9.2 was released today. It includes the ability to specify the angle of tick labels on the lower X-Axis. You can also specify tick text angle for other axes, but it won't look very good. Implementing tick text angle sensibly for the general case is a fair bit more involved [and not needed very often], and haven't managed to finish it yet...

24 June 2004 - scpl v0.9 was released today. The API has changed [improved] considerably since v0.6 (the last release). Note that the implementation of DataSource and related properties is still a bit of a hack and won't work with all the data types you might like it to, but works with the most commonly used ones. The current version forms part of a production coal tracking system used by BHP Billiton at their mine sites.

18 May 2004 - LinearAxis now has Scale and Offset properties which change how the tick markings are displayed (but not which world value a particular physical point on the axis corresponds to). This can alleviate the need to modify your dataset simply for the sake of display. Also a number of bug fixes. Work on the DataSource implementation is yet to be completed, so still no release yet.

13 May 2004 - A general framework and significant (but not very well tested) functionality for specifying AxesConstraints has just been added. For example, the scaling on x and y axes can be set the same, or the exact positioning of one of the axes specified. Work on the DataSource implementation is yet to be completed, so no release yet.

8 May 2004 - The DateTimeAxis implementation has been reworked and functionality extended. Though still not complete, it is useful now for timescales from 3 minutes to 60 years. The code responsible for drawing tick marks [in the base axis class] has also been reorganised and is now neater and more robust. The library now includes a new class CandlePlot that is useful for drawing stock market data. The DataSource implementation is still the quite hacky (the code was put in place quickly to try out the concept). Once this is tidied up I will do a release. Until then, the latest code can be obtained via CVS from sourceforge.

25 April 2004 - DataAdapters are no more. Instead, data is passed to ScPl via the DataSource, ValueData, and AbscissaData properties of plot objects. Though not necessarily an improvement over the previous method, it is more consistent with the .NET framework. Thanks to Felix Livni for this suggestion, and for recent bug fixes. Other recent work includes reworking the design of Legends, improving DateTimeAxes, and allowing the positioning of Axes to be constrained. The library is still in a state of flux and so I have not put up a release yet. If you'd like the latest code visit sourceforge.

18 March 2004 - There has been considerable activity lately. A new ASP.NET web control is ready (no separate scripts anymore), more markers have been implemented, HistogramPlot can be now stacked and drawn with linear color gradient, and a new TextPlot class has been implemented to draw text labels. DateTime axes are also working for timescales >~ 3 days. We will provide examples, new credits and a new distribution on this page when we get time. In the meantime, the latest code is available via cvs at sourceforge.

06 January 2004 - netcontrols.org has changed to a hosting service that supports ASP.NET. We have been working on an ASP.NET web control, and this together with examples will be posted shortly. Matt is making progress towards implementing Month / Day Axes.

22 November 2003 - Here is the latest pre-release of ScPl 0.6. The library has now been released under a BSD style license. Enjoy!

16 November 2003 - Here is the latest pre-release of ScPl 0.6. Includes improvements to legend placement code. Also of note: We will probably be changing over to a less restrictive BSD style license in the near future. An announcement will be sent to the mailing list when this happens.

01 November 2003 - Here is the latest pre-release of ScPl 0.6. Most notable change is addition of legends. Not finished yet - but they're useful provided you don't mind them being somewhere in the plot area. Be warned, the properties relating to this in PlotSurface2D are going to change.. Also minor bug fixes (thanks to Stephan Puchegger).

23 October 2003 - Here is the latest pre-release of ScPl 0.6. Most notable change is the license - ScPl is now released under the Lesser GPL. This means you are no longer required to make the source code to your application available if you use ScPl. Also - minor bug fixes, Plotsurface2D.PlotBackColor property, Axis.Reversed property, internal format now double not float. Thanks to Michael Fitzpatrick for his great ideas and recent work on the code.

02 October 2003 - Here is the latest pre-release of ScPl 0.6. Minor bug fixes

20 September 2003 - Here is the latest pre-release of ScPl 0.6. Most notable change is improved zoom in windows control.

18 September 2003 - Here is a pre-release of the ScPl 0.6 source. It is released under the GPL. There are no docs appart from the example code at this point - please be patient, we are working on them.

17 September 2003' - Still no release (it will come with a revamped web site), however development is moving along at a good pace. Paolo Pierini has joined the re-write development effort and has been hard at work implementing log axes as well as some new examples to show the library off. He has now turned his attention to improving the functionality of histogram plots. Stay tuned! If would like to try a pre-release version of the library, please email Matt at the address below, I'll email it to you. 06 September 2003 - After a solid week of coding, the first version of the library re-write is nearly complete. I have implemented most of the old library functionality together with support for multiple axis on the same graph, and background grid. The new design is much improved. Data is now presented to the library via classes supporting the DataAdapter interface. ArrayAdapter is implemented and adapter classes to supply data from XML files and databases are planned. At the heart of the new library is a completely general Axis class, written with with a PlotSurface3D in mind. Time, Log and Label axes classes are also planned (and easily implemented). There is still some tidying up to do. A new release is expected in a week or so. In the mean time, the code is available via cvs at sourceforge. News of the release will be sent to the mailing list.

15 July 2003 - No development has happened over the past month.. my appologies. However, the source has now been released under the GPL. You can find it in cvs at sourceforge.net. If you are interested in helping out, send an email to mhowlett @ netcontrols.org for more details!

Version 0.5 released 16th June 2003. Fixes AutoFontScaling rendering bug.

Version 0.6 is coming soon and will include a Web.Forms control (currently dynamic web plots requre a separate script) and examples in VB.NET.

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